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Jack Sparrow Compass

It points to the thing you want most in this world!

Android application, inspired by famous Captain Jack Sparrow's Compass. Like the Jack's compass, it's unique because it can not only point to the North, but can point to nearly unlimited locations/places of your choice e.g. Home, Office, College, Restaurant, etc.

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Download APK File Size: 2.0 MB

Product Features

Advance Compass

It's not only a basic compass which points to North or to a pre-define location, but it can point to the Magnetic North, True North, Qibla, and to unlimited locations of your choice. So, you can have it point to your home, office, school, college, restaurant, etc.

Jack Sparrow Theme

This compass is based on Jack Sparrow's Compass theme and design. So, with its unique layout and features, you have very advance replica of the Jack Sparrow Compass which can points to location of your choice. A must have app for the Jack Sparrow's fans of modern age.

Distance and Speed

When pointing to target location, it also tells you the total distance from the target location with your current speed. So, you can park your car in a new/unknown area, store its location, and then can safely return back to it with help of distance, location pointer and speed measure features.

Unlimited Locations Storage

You can store nearly unlimited source and target locations of your choice. Technically, only the phone memory is limit for this. Also, this application is 100% spam and Ads free. So, no more annoying Ads when you want it to point it to your favourite place.

Google Maps Integration

It integrates seamlessly with the Google Maps. So, you can easily get the route map from your current location to target locations. In a way this makes it even more interesting compass than Jack Sparrow compass because it not only points to that location, but also helps your in your navigation with maps.

Robust Location Support

You can find your geographic coordinate and other details of the current location from the misc. supported sources like:

  • GPS
  • GSM Cell Tower
  • Network


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