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Basecamp Extension

Basecamp Extension - Add Power to Basecamp

A Google Chrome extension which helps you do speedy entry of the backdated time logs on Basecamp. This extension also lets you generate simple, yet powerful graphs from your from your Basecamp time reports.

Worth a Try!

Please note that this extension is only of help if you already have a Basecamp account, and use that to track you hours.

Product Features

Seamless Integration

Once this Chrome extension is installed, it works so beautifully, and blends so nicely (using same color scheme and styles) that you would think all these features are part of Basecamp application.

Set Defaults

You set a default date for all the new time entries, which is very handy when adding back data data. If you are entering time log for some other person (you boss, friend, etc), then you can easily set his name as default for all future time entries.

Time Graphs

It lets you generate simple and multi-series graph of your time report on the fly. So, you can find out how much time you are spent on project per day, what's the average of your team members per day, how much work was done for all your clients in last few days, etc.

Multiple Graph Types

This application has nearly all the popular graph types to meet you best needs. It includes graphs like bar, line, pie, area. You can also generate multi series graphs, so can easily see how much effort each resource put on each of your active projects.

Speedy Time Entry

For the speedy time entry, this extension can also parse and calculate the time spent on the task from the description text. For this pasted text must be in format:

[HH:MM] [HH:MM] [Description]
Here is the sample time description using above format:
12:10 12:37 Creating new website layout and design.


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