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My Products Showcase

Collection of tools, utilities and my hobby projects I'm proud to share.

Dynamic Subtitle Translator is a web-application which translates Subtitles from one language to other language.

Once the automatic translation is done, you can also manually edit/refine the translation and then export the translated subtitles back to the original format.

An Android application, inspired by famous Captain Jack Sparrow fictional character's Compass.

It's unique because it can not only point to North, but can point to the location/thing you want most in this world.

A portable and compact Microsoft Windows ® application which gives you total control on your removable USB Media Disks.

This application gives you Execution and Data-Write protection for the USB Disks. For increased security, you can also enable/disable the USB Disks completely on your system.

A lightening fast, compact and cool PHP MVC Framework for Geeks, and GEEKS ONLY.

With less than 60KB size, this framework requires almost zero configuration, and provides very neat MVC architecture. It can be easily scaled to meet your demands, and comes with MIT Style license for easy modification and changes.

Microsoft Windows ® Taskbar management application. This compact and portable utility lets you re-order applications and make custom application groups in the Taskbar.

It also has other interesting features like minimize to system tray, make application semi-transparent or set them to be always be on top.

A Google Chrome extension which helps you do speedy entry of the backdated time logs on Basecamp.

This extension also lets you generate simple, yet powerful graphs from your from your Basecamp time reports.

An open source Chess Application for Windows developed in C#.

This simple yet powerful Chess Game has all the mainstream game feature like Player mode (Human, Computer, Auto), Save/Load Game State, Undo-Redo Moves, Legal Moves Show, etc.

A bookmarklet, and Google Chrome Extension, which loads dynamically in any browse page and provides you instant Language Translation and Transliteration support.

This also has Virtual Keyboard support, and in page images and dictionary look-up for the highlighted words.

A compact, portable and fast HTTP downloader which not only supports downloading of files from different websites, but also simplifies downloading of files from the popular one-click file hosting servers like Rapidshare, Mediafire, etc.